The Viola’s House Baby Benefit Boutique™ provides voucher-based shopping with dignity.

Viola’s House currently operates a Maternity Home in the South Dallas neighborhood, which provides housing and wraparound services for teen mothers faced with an unplanned pregnancy, who may also be at risk for homelessness.

Viola’s House has opened the Baby Benefit Boutique to expand services in South Dallas and provide more programming and services to mothers in our community who do not reside in their Maternity Home.

The Boutique currently operates using a system that Viola’s House describes as “voucher-based shopping with dignity.” This means that mothers receive shopping vouchers in exchange for completing parenting and pregnancy classes and will use those vouchers at the Boutique, which provides an upscale thrift shopping atmosphere that makes mothers and families feel good about their shopping experience. The boutique floor is adorned with two beautiful chandeliers and shelving and clothing racks full of new and used baby clothing and baby accessories.

Mothers receive vouchers in exchange for completing parenting and pregnancy classes taught by trained Viola’s House parenting and pregnancy educators. All mothers who visit the boutique will also receive diapers and wipes for free. The diapers and wipes are not included in the voucher amount. The Boutique also has large baby and toddler furniture available, which is stored in the 1,500 sq. ft. warehouse behind the boutique space. Mothers can take additional classes to obtain vouchers for large furniture.


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