There are many ways to donate to VH

When you give to Viola’s House you are a very dedicated and committed organization to sustain itself and enhance the programs and support offered to the young and pregnant girls and women. As a donor your gift is an investment in the current and future stability of Viola’s Houseand the greatest rewards are the personal satisfaction from making an investment in addressing a critcal social need and the legacy of success that it your donation creates.

There are many ways to give to Viola’s House and the Office of Development will proudly assist you in completing your investment. The following are a few of the suggestions to invest In the Viola’s House Legacy and future.




One-Time Donation   Recurring Donation   In-kind Service


The IRA rollover provision signed into law August 17, 2006, allows tax-free distributions from traditional IRAS to educational institutions. In summary the following restrictions apply:

  • Donors must be 70.5 years of age
  • Gifts up to $100,000 per year receive tax benefits
  • All donations must be outright gifts

To learn more about how this new law can benefit you and Viola’s House, contact the Office of Development today!

(Checks, Money Orders, Bank Transfers, or Credit Card Payments) are the most popular method of making charitable gift. This gift will be posted and considered a gift to Viola’s House on the date it is delivered, received via mail (postmarked on the envelope); express services or any other recognizable method of delivering a donation to the organization. A contribution using a credit card will be recognized when the charge is made (See the appropriate section of this website to make a donation via credit card on line or they may be mailed to Viola’s House) These gifts are fully tax deductible as allowable by law.
Thousands of corporations and businesses participate in the matching gifts programs to match employee gifts, either in whole or in part. This is an excellent method of giving and increasing the giving opportunities to Viola’s House. In some cases, gifts from spouses, directors, and retired employees are matched. Viola’s House urges you to explore the opportunity offered by your employer. Additional information and a link to appropriate corporations are offered on this web-site. This method of giving is tax deducible as allowable by law.
Contribution of long-term appreciated assets entitles you to a charitable contribution deduction equal to the fair market value of the assets, such as securities, at the time of the gift. In addition, you avoid capital gains tax on any appreciation of those securities. Gifts of appreciated assets are fully tax deductible up to the percentages allowable by law.

When making a gift of long-term appreciated assets, you save twice — on income tax and on capital gains tax. You receive a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the gift and you save the capital gains tax that would otherwise be due if you sold the appreciated asset.

Please consult your financial advisor.

Securities are considered a gift to Viola’s House on the date the certificate and stock power pass unconditionally from your control (the postmark date if mailed or the date on which Viola’s House receives an overnight delivery package ) or the date the securities are transferred directly to the Viola’s House brokerage account. To value the securities, a mean price is calculated using the average of the high and low of the security on the day you relinquish control to Viola’s House as per IRS guidelines.
Gifts of closely held stock exceeding $10,000 in value must have a fair market value placed on them by a qualified independent appraiser as required by the IRS for valuing gifts of non-publicly traded stock. An independent CPA who maintains the books for a closely held corporation is deemed to be qualified to provide a value for the stock of the corporation. Gifts of $10,000 or less may be valued at the per-share cash purchase price of the most recent transaction.

Real property may be donated to Viola’s House, either as a bequest or more commonly, by a lifetime transfer, and realize significant tax benefits. Viola’s House will review gifts of property on a case-by-case basis. Gifts of real property may consist of almost any type of property such as personal or recreational residence, a farm or ranch, a commercial building, subdivision lots or any undeveloped parcel of land. The gift may be for all of your interest in the property or an undivided fractional interest.

Individual charitable goals and financial needs determine which of the following methods of giving real property is most appropriate for your situation.

Property may be transferred to Viola’s House and it is subsequently sold unless there is a special reason for holding the particular parcel of real property.

Real property may be transferred to a trust where it is sold by the trustee. The income is paid to you and/or other named beneficiaries. The income paid to the beneficiaries for life depends on the net proceeds realized on the sale of the real property in combination with a previously agreed upon rate of return. At the death of the last of the life beneficiaries, the assets of the trust pass to the University.
Limited situations, ownership of the real property may be transferred to Viola’s House, but you may retain the right to live on the property for your lifetime. You receive an income tax charitable contribution deduction for the present value of the remainder interest of the gift. Upon the death of the “life tenant,” the property may be sold or used by Viola’s House.
Viola’s House archives are enriched by gifts of personal property such as rare books, manuscripts, paintings, artifacts and other art objects. Our programs and offerings are also enriched by contributions of computer hardware and software. Making a gift using personal property provides a double benefit – a charitable deduction plus avoidance of any potential capital-gain tax. The amount of the deduction depends on the “related use” of the property by Viola’s House.


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