We Don't Judge.

We understand your plight and do not judge. We have the programs, services and professionals to get you ready for motherhood.

We Support You.

Don’t put the brakes on your dreams. Your success is our success. If you dare to dream it, we’ll help you achieve it.

We Embrace Motherhood.

On-site parenting classes help you learn about life as a mother. Get tips and guidance on everything from nutrition to caring for your baby.

Who We Are

Viola’s House mission is to provide maternity housing and support services to mothers who are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.

Formed in 2008 as a “Maternity Home” to provide temporary housing and support services to expectant teenage mothers aged 18-24 in the Dallas area. Viola’s House utilizes an impactful approach to help teen expectant mothers make enduring, positive changes in their lives. The Program provides the basic life necessities of housing, food, and clothing, in addition to life skills, education, and training in financial literacy, parenting, and counseling. Viola’s House takes a preventative approach and provides a comprehensive second chance prevention program.

There are a multitude of ways that individuals and groups can help Viola’s House fulfill our mission to provide a safe envi-ronment, programming and support for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of homeless and pregnant young women.

Charitable giving is the bedrock of Viola’s House. If you’d like to help these young mothers, babies and at-risk girls and women through a donation to Viola’s House, we offer many avenues for your support. Click here to see the multitude of ways you can help.

We provide housing, food and clothing, in addition to life skills, education and training in financial literacy, parenting and counseling. We take a preventative approach and provide a comprehensive second chance prevention program.


Target Population

According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy (2014), Texas ranks number four in teen births and has the highest rate of repeat teen births in the United States. This population is also more likely to experience poverty, abuse, developmental and health issues that other populations. We are seeking funding to continue to provide services to this specialized population and their future children.

The shelter shall be comprised of expectant mothers within the age range of 12-21 who have been displaced, homeless, at-risk for homelessness, and agree to participate in the programs to reach self-sufficiency. Those who are accessed for additional services are provided referrals to community partners. Residents must agree to actively continue their education, seek training and employment opportunities and permanent housing for mother and unborn child.

Risk and Protective Factors

Several risk factors are identified within this population. Poverty, abuse, developmental and health issues are few of the risk factors. In addition, the costs to taxpayers is estimated at 1.1 billion in 2010. These costs are associated with additional community risk factors experienced by youth and their children, that will follow them into their adult lives and most likely have negative generational consequences. The National Campaign (2014) postulates that costs can include public health care, participation with child welfare, pipeline to incarceration and decreased earning and spending futures.

Viola’s House seeks to address these risk factors by providing emergency housing and supporting programs to expectant mothers. Each level of programming seeks to build capacity, skills and abilities to expectant mothers in which to pass along to their future children.

Viola’s House has served dozens of unwed mothers since its inception.

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Our Staff & Board

The Viola’s House Board and Staff is committed to fulfilling the vision and mission of this important and life-changing organization.


  • Rev. Chris Simmons